Don’t Hold Back Your 2016 Spring Break Vacation: 5 Secret Destinations

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When it comes to spring break, you might think of college kids heading off to Daytona Beach for college fun in the sun, but this post is about spring break family vacations.  It might be easy to pack up the car and head off to the wintery slopes in New England, but what if you went somewhere warm and sunny and full of adventure for the whole family. Here are five spring break vacation ideas for the whole family. 


1 Pacific Grove, California

This is one of the most beautiful towns in the state of California that sits peacefully on the Oceanside. You can visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium nearby which is listed as one of the best aquariums in the country. If you are not exploring the deep sea creatures at the aquarium, then you can spend hours on the beach kayaking, exploring tidal pools or surfing in the warm sun. Don’t forget to rent a car and go on the 17-mile picturesque drive that runs from Pacific Grove to Pebble Beach.


2 Chincoteague Island, Virginia

If you are ready for a change of scenery from the big city to a sunny fun filled island experience, then this is a great place for the whole spring break vacation. There are no high rises here or traffic jams either. Chincoteague is a serene island resort located on Virginia’s eastern shore. One of the attractions that you can experience there is the Chincoteague Wild Ponies which are famous.  Swim in the ocean, take to the skies or mix with the ponies, there is never a shortage of things to do at this destination.


3 Asheville, North Carolina

This destination is just two hours east of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee. This is a unique small town filled with an amazing arts scene and fabulous food. Nearby is the Biltmore the largest private estate in the United States. The Biltmore offers many things to do and explore for the whole family. This property has many fantastic features and history. Also, the views from this property are spectacular.


4 Austin, Texas

Yes, you might be thinking Texas, really? In the springtime Texas is beautiful without the punishing heat of summer. There is plenty to do in Austin from the Barton Springs Pool to kayaking on Town Lake or riding on the railroad in Zilker Park. There are several historical museums in the immediate area that you can visit if the weather is bad too.


5 Fort Myers Beach, Florida

Of course, in the traditional fashion, we have to mention one destination in Florida which is the spring break capital of the United States. Fort Myers is a small Gulf Coast town that makes perfect sense for any family that is looking for spring break fun in the hot sun. There are many activities that you can take advantage of like bike riding, surfing, swimming, jet skiing, sailing, kayaking or taking a small hike in the mangrove forests in the surrounding area. Outside of the beach activities, there are loads of activities like amusement parks and arcades, etc..


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