Upper Valley Travel Agent Tips: 5 Action Packed Ideas for a Great San Jose, CA Vacation

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Whether you are looking to relax on the beach, be a little more adventurous to go biking, go kayaking, or whale watching, wine tasting or just relaxing at the spa all day. San Jose offers many great family exclusive, friendly resorts for all ages. Here are five tips for a great vacation in San Jose from an Upper Valley Travel Agent that knows all of the travel secrets.

1 Happy Hallow Park & Zoo, San Jose

This is one of those gems that the whole family will enjoy. They have many things that the little kids can do strolling through the zoo looking at all of the amazing animals, to getting involved in classes and camps for children. The puppet theatre is another great place for kids to get involved where animals come to life. Don’t forget the park and rides for little kids. This is a great place for parents with little kids that want a safe and fun environment filled with fun all day long.


2 Comedy Sports, San Jose

This is one for the adults that love sports and comedy. Imagine a comedy show that gets the audience involved and you compete for laughs and points while performing improve scenes, games, operas and musicals based on the audience’s selection. Sounds crazy fun huh? This is a great place for couples that was to go and have some great fun and laugh uncontrollably.


3 Casino M8trix, San Jose

Casino M8trix is for those that love the nightlife and want to take gambling to a new and interesting entertainment level. This casino integrates the high-tech, high-touch entertainment into a world-class gaming experience with traditional card games like Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat and much more. Play for fun with other guests or live like James Bond and get in on one of the many tournaments that take place at Casino M8trix.


4 Santa Clara Paintball Games

Is there a warrior in you? Do you want to live on the dangerous side and feel the adrenalin rush of paintballs whizzing past you at 200ft per second? At this paintball gaming facility, you play on teams against one another while navigating through different obstacle courses all the while trying not to get shot and out of the game. This is one of the best paintball facilities in the country and is packed with loads of fun for those that dare to enter the combat zone.


5 Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

This is one of the best six flags in the country. This is for the whole family or for the thrill seekers in mind that want to live on the edge of excitement. Six Flags have everything from dining passes to crazy coasters to total immersion 3D motion based theaters that make you feel like you are in the movie, Pacific Rim. On the lighter side for those that are a little quieter and more reserved, they do have some great events that take place throughout the year. Moreover, of course, don’t forget the animals everywhere. You can dive right into the dolphin discovery or swim with the sharks at the Shark experience.