Travel Tips: What to do before I travel Internationally


Travel Tips

Is this your first time traveling abroad or are you an old hat at International travel? Whether you are a first timer or have traveled for years, here are some practical tips for traveling the globe and not getting stuck. 

1. Doctors & Insurance- Check in with your doctor and let them know where you are going. They will guide you in having the proper vaccinations that you will need when traveling abroad.

2. Passport –Bring a copy of your passport. If you are traveling and your passport gets stolen or lost, you will want to be sure you can get back into the country and prove your citizenship.

3. Let your embassy know –When you travel abroad, give a call to the U.S. Embassy in that country that will be closest to your destination. It will make it easier for your government to contact you and get you to safety in case of emergencies.

4. Money –Have you stopped at your local bank and looked up the currency conversion rate. Think about getting some money converted before you travel. Don’t forget travelers checks. It’s better to not carry lots of cash when you are abroad.

5. Calling all credit cards –Call your credit card company and local bank and let them know when and where you are going. That way, when you are at your destination you won’t have any issues with getting funds from your bank. Most credit cards or banks have fraud detection and they make think your card is stolen if you don’t notify them.

6. Don’t convert money there –Most currency conversion that you can do at the airport of your destination are not going to give you the best rate. Take care of this before you leave your home country.

7. Exit and Entry Fees – Check before hand if the country that you are traveling to for entry and exit fees. Some countries require travelers to pay to enter and exit their country. You don’t want this to be a shock and not have the money to pay this fee.

8. All Inclusive Package – Buy your tickets before-hand when traveling to a foreign country. If you can try to book your vacation package as an all-inclusive package that will include everything you will need.

9. Research your location – Look up online and talk to your travel agent about current events and attractions that may be going on when you are there. Book them in advance if possible.

10. You cell phone – Contact your wireless carrier and make sure you have the global capabilities enabled. You don’t want to get stuck with the roaming charges or not have your phone work when you are there.

Travel Tips