Travel Agents Love Disney’s Art of Animation Resort: You will too!

Disney is magical and mysterious and full of wonder for all ages. Disney’s Art of Animation Resort is within the Walt Disney World Resort in Kissimmee, Florida. Located in Lake Buena Vista, it is ideal for families. This resort features four character themes: The Lion King, Cars, Finding Nemo and the Little Mermaid. This is one of the reasons that Travel Agents recommend this resort to families with children.

The Art of Animation resort became the 26th Disney resort at Walt Disney World. The resort features over 1,000 family suites themed around those lovable characters.

What is a family suite?

The family suites with Disney are intended for multi-generations families and will occupy 4-6 people in the suite. The floor plan consists of 565 square feet of living space for your family. The dining area converts into a bed for and extra bed. The rooms offer a small kitchen, a double sleeper sofa, mini-fridge, microwave and a small sink. There is a master bedroom with a Queen bed that mom and dad can relax in while the kids hang out in the rest of the suite. Not all of the family suites are the same size in each part of this resort.

Here is a breakdown of each theme:

  • Finding Nemo: This section of the resort has settings featured from the film. They give you the feeling like you are part of the movie “Finding Nemo”. In Disney tradition, they go all out to make each room indeed take on the theme. You will find coral-shaped chairs. Ceiling lights that look like bubbles. The mirrors look like portholes from a ship. The cabinets and wall decorations all have a blue theme with graphics on them to represent coral from the movie. Outdoors they continue the themed look with a big blue pool with Mr. Ray “the manta ray” soaring above it. One of the unique features of this property is the pool is a whopping 12,000 sq feet and is the largest on the Disney resort.

  • The Lion King: This part of the resort celebrates the movie by integrating the Lion King theme fully into the landscape around the outside of the building and inside the rooms. The bathrooms are decorated yellow, brown and green. Shower curtains have your favorite scenes on them from the movie with Timone and Pumba. The bedrooms make you feel like you are sleeping in the jungle with Simba, with themed beds with pictures all around. Curtains look like the jungle with palm branches, flowers and many other plant designs imprinted on them. The resort is very stroller friendly for families. The little kids will love following the footprints throughout the resort.

  • Cars The Movie: The cars theme at the Art of Animation Resort will certainly entertain the “Motorhead” in anyone that stays there. The dressers in each room are designed like tool chests. Hazard-cones for lamps and a complete décor that embraces the whole cars theme will delight the whole family. One of the neat features of this resort is Disney disguised the bathrooms to look like car wash machines. These rooms offer free wifi, microwaves, telephone with voice mail, kitchenette, coffee maker, 2 bathrooms, and a safe. When you are at the pool area, there are Tee Pee Cabanas that you can get out of the hot sun and still relax by the pool.
  • Little Mermaid: The Little Mermaid section of this resort is the farthest from the food court, main lobby and Disney Transportation. If you have little kids, this is a factor to consider. It is at least a five-minute walk to all of these areas from the Little Mermaid resort. The pool area is close by which is convenient, but it does stay open late into the night which may affect bedtimes for kids.

    These rooms dive deep into the Little Mermaid theme with purple coral mirror, shower curtains with Ariel on them and countertops that look like something out of the movie.The beds and central area of the suite are full of bright colors of the sea and decorated with images of Ariel’s friends throughout. One of the nice elements of this suite is the headboards to each bed is shaped after a clam shell, giving you the feeling you are sleeping in a clam. Outside around the resort, you will find many of your favorite characters larger than life near the pool and along the walkways.

Adults Love It Too!

The Art of Animation Resort brings you into the world of the animation process at Disney. You get to see the first pencil sketches all the way through the process to the film’s close-up shots. As you walk the halls of this resort, you will see hundreds of storyboards that animation artists have drawn and marvel at the process of making movie magic.