They have years of experience in booking vacations.

  • Prices Change Quickly

    Have access to pricing and availability that consumers don't.

  • Planning The Details

    You don't have to plan it, they take care of all the details for your trip.

  • Less Time

    Takes less time to book your trip because of the resources travel agents have at their disposal.

  • Free, FREE, Free

    Hiring a travel agent doesn't cost you anything! We get paid to work with you.

  • What You Really Want

    Travel agents help you figure out the vacation that you really want.

  • Best Pricing

    Travel agents help you get the best price and often get better value and price compared to DIY online pricing.

  • Emergency Help

    Travel agents are troubleshooters. No matter how much you prepare, things can go wrong. Your travel agent is your go-to person when abroad when things go wrong.

  • YOU are your own advocate

    You only have access to online info and are alone to fix it.

  • Prices Change Quickly

    You are stuck searching for hours to find the best price.

  • Planning The Details

    Learn about traveling and planning your trip without an experts help.

  • More Time

    Takes more time to plan and book your trip without the help of an expert.

  • Not Free

    Your time is money. Advise online often costs you more in mistakes, prices for air fair, etc..

  • Not What You Wanted

    After you book it online, they are often cancellation fees and other fees with online booking engines that often cost you more money. You don't have access to special promotions or programs that travel agents do.

  • Price Matching

    Online booking engines are automated and often don't price match. What you see is what you get.

  • NO Emergency Help

    When you are abroad on vacation and have trouble, you don't have access to a travel agent because you booked the trip yourself.