A travel agent is your best advocate
(They already have years of experience in booking vacations)

Prices change daily
(Often an agent can get a better deal because the have access to things you don’t)

NO Worries!
You don’t have to worry about the details, the agent does it all for you!

Less Time
Takes a travel agent less time to find and book your vacation destination.

Free Guidance
An agent can guide you through foreign travel (they know all the ins and outs).

Free, Free, Free
Using a travel agent doesn’t cost you anything! You don’t have to pay us to help you plan and book your next destination. We get paid to work with you!

Using a travel agent when canceling a trip will help you to get your refund.

Special Packages, etc..
Your agent knows about the most current promotions and packages available, which will save you money.

They have traveled
Travel agents are often required to do a certain amount of traveling each year so they are familiar with the destinations that they are booking.

Knowledge & experience is power
A travel agent is an expert, they constantly educate to know the destinations, etc..

Value and price
A travel agent doesn’t just focus on price, they look for value and all the details.

What you really want
A travel agent helps you to figure out what you really want in that vacation.

All inclusive
Travel agents are “all inclusive” – A travel agent builds your package on value thinking about hotels, vacation packages, car rentals, etc..

Price Matching
Travel agents do their best to price match with online pricing and can sometimes get better value and price.

Travel agents protect you by thinking about things like: medical insurance, travel insurance, etc..

Travel agents will work as your troubleshooter. No matter how much your prepare, “stuff happens”. Your travel agent is the go-to person to call when abroad. They can troubleshoot for you and act as an advocate.

You are your own advocate
(You only have access to the info online)

You find the best price
The pricing you get changes daily and you at the mercy of the website and whether or not that is the best deal.

Your on your own!
You have to figure out the details and are on your own.

More Time Spent
The average customer spends up to 5-10 hours trying to book their own vacation destination.

No Guidance
If you haven’t traveled there before, you won’t know what to expect for problems.

Not Free
DIY vacation planning will cost your time and money before and during your vacation.

Not all online booking engines will issue refunds. So once you spend the money it is gone for good.

Special Packages, etc..
Online booking engines often don’t know about special packages or promotions and you might spend more money than necessary.

Have you traveled there before?
When you book it yourself without knowing the destination, you won’t be able to plan for all contingencies.

Not enough knowledge or experience
Lets face it, when you DIY, who knows what you are going to get in the end. Sometimes it works out and more often than not, it doesn’t.

Price, Price, Price
Most consumers focus on price only when booking online.

Do you really know what you want?
According to money.usnews.com, most people don’t really know what they want in a trip.

Not all inclusive
When you DIY, you have to do everything in pieces like booking the airfare, the hotels, the car rentals and all of the other small details.

Price Matching
Online booking systems are automated systems that normally don’t price match. What you see is what you get.

No Protection
When you DIY, what happens when you get sick and are hospitalized. Most foreign countries take your passport until full payment is paid. Will you current insurance cover a travel abroad?

Troubleshooting, oh no!
When you DIY, you don’t have an advocate. You have to figure out what to do all on your own.