Top 10 Trending Cities for Winter and Holiday Travel Destinations

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This past month on a hotel booking engine released the top 10 domestic destinations and the top 10 international destinations based on booking trends through their website. The trends are based on current winter seasonal travel so far this year. These trends are based on trends of bookings from Dec to March each year.


Top Ten Domestic U.S. Cities to travel to:

  1. Las Vegas, NV
  2. Orlando, FL
  3. New Orleans, LA
  4. San Mateo, CA
  5. Anaheim, CA
  6. Fort Lauderdale, FL
  7. New York, NY
  8. San Fransisco, CA
  9. Miami, FL
  10. Honolulu, HI


Top Ten International Cities to travel to:

  1. Panama City, PA
  2. San Juan, PR
  3. Sydney, AU
  4. Cancun, MEX
  5. Auckland, NZ
  6. Boracay Island, PH
  7. Toronto, CA
  8. London, BR
  9. Buenos Aires, AR
  10. Rome, IT


“Based on our hotel booking trends report, warmer-weather coastal cities throughout California and Florida continue to be very popular U.S. winter travel destinations this year,” said Dic Marxen, President and CEO of CCRA. “Of particular interest are three new international cities that are luring more U.S. travelers this winter holiday season: Sydney, Buenos Aires and Paris. Following the recent terror attacks in Paris, our hotel bookings suggest that U.S. consumers have not cancelled their pre-arranged holiday trips to Paris. Even more during these tumultuous times consumers benefit from the support and expertise of travel professionals in providing expert advice, insightful recommendations and 24/7 assistance when planning overseas trips, especially during the busy holiday travel weeks.”