Stop! NH Travel Agents Recommend Global Entry Now!

You’re probably asking yourself what the heck is “Global Entry” if you have not heard of it yet. When you travel outside of the United States of America, you need your passport to leave and re-enter the country. Global entry is an effort by the TSA to protect the United States borders. NH Travel Agents today recommend this to any person traveling outside of the United States. Here are five reasons you need to get Global Entry today!

NH Travel Agents

1 Skip The Lines

Is there anyone that enjoys standing in line when you are getting ready to leave or return from a trip? No, of course not! The global entry you don’t have to worry about long lines. Skip right past all of those people waiting in line. Just head over to the TSA Kiosks with your passport and off you go to your destination.


2 TSA-Pre Check

Once you have your Global Entry, you are going to get most likely routed over to TSA-Precheck. Once there you will receive a Traveler ID Number that you need to enter into your flyer program or give to your NH Travel Agent. Now that you have done that, this information should auto-fill every time you purchase your airline tickets. Don’t rely entirely on it, though. Don’t forget to double check the information.

What does the TSA-Precheck do for you? It allows you to get through security faster. This means shorter lines for you! Additionally, you won’t have to take your shoes or belt off. And you’ll get to keep your laptop and liquids in your carry-on!  


3 Reimbursement for Global Entry Application Fee

If you have an Amex Platinum, Business Platinum or Centurion credit card, they will refund the application fee to you as Elite members. There are a couple other companies like Citi Prestige, Citi MileagePlus Premiere card will also reimburse you for your application fee. Check with your credit card company to see what programs they have. Many of the credit card companies that give flyer miles participate in these types of programs.


4 Fast Entry Internationally

With The Global Entry Pass, you get to re-enter the United States faster than a regular traveler, but that is not the only benefit. When you are traveling to another country, you are an international VIP and get through lines faster too! Global Entry allows for expedited entry to most Canadian territories and countries close to the United States.


5 Second Federal ID

Global Entry is a great form of secondary Federal ID. It works at locations with the TSA, DMV, and any Federal Court House. It can also be used on a state level when you forget to bring your drivers license. Once you have your Global Entry, the pass is valid for 5 years.