NH Travel Agent Tips for Planning A Trip To Hawaii

Paradise in the Hawaiian Islands doesn’t have to be overpriced. There are many ways to pinch some pennies and still have a fantastic vacation in paradise. We’ll give you some insider secrets from a NH Travel Agent on how to get the most for your dollars when vacationing in Hawaii.

NH Travel Agent

Best time of year

The best rates to travel to Hawaii are in the spring from April to mid-June and during the fall season from September to December. These are the months that bring the best weather to Hawaii and the surrounding islands. There are seasons where the Japanese economy may bring an influx and bring more visitors making some seasons a little busier than normal.


Vacation Packages

Booking a package deal that includes airfare, accommodations, and a car rental is typically the most cost-effective way for two people to vacation in Hawaii. You can book your vacations online, but we really don’t recommend that because a NH Travel Agent knows all of the details and the special packages that are available on and off season. Here is a quick guide to the many benefits of working with a NH Travel Agent.


Choosing the Right Airline

If you are not particular about what airline you prefer to fly with, then I would do some comparison shopping before you book anything. If you decide to work with our NH Travel Agents, we do the airline comparisons to you. One of the keys to getting a good rate is buy your tickets ahead of time. Typically buying your ticket 45 days or more in advance. If you can be flexible in your schedule. Flying on off-peak times like Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays will save you some money on the airfare too.


Car Rentals

If there are two or more of your traveling to Hawaii, think about what size vehicle is going to best work for your party. Do you need a compact car, subcompact or maybe an SUV or econo-van to get around the island? Check out the car rental places online and see what they have available for vehicles at the destination you are traveling to. Make sure you get the rental insurance through your travel agent. Along with rental car insurance, it will be a good idea to get travel insurance for any other mishaps that might occur while you are away. The last think that you want to have to deal with is medical insurance and medical bills when you are abroad. Travel insurance will help take care of those unforeseen issues.


What type of accommodation?

Condo & Townhouses
If you are going to stay in Hawaii for more than 5 days, consider renting a condo or townhouse. If you are traveling as a family and have a large party, then this is one of the best options.


Bed & Breakfast
If you are traveling to Hawaii as a couple and want to share your experience with others, bed and breakfast is a great place to vacation. You share a bathroom, but generally, you tend to save money when booking a B&B.


Vacation Homes
If you really want the ultimate in privacy, then you should consider booking a vacation home. This will give you the privacy and intimacy that you are looking for in a complete getaway for couples. Typically, you can get 2, 3 or 4 bedroom vacation homes during the vacation seasons. Definitely, book your vacation ahead of time as these tend to book up fast.


Hawaii is one of the most beautiful and romantic places on earth. It sees thousands of vacationers each year throughout the Hawaiian islands. Essential tips for a great vacation:

  1. Book your trip ahead of time
  2. Create a checklist of everything that you will need
  3. Make sure you passport is good
  4. Make sure you are up to date on all medications, etc.
  5. Book your trip through a travel agent and save yourself many headaches and money.