NH Travel Agent Insider Secrets: What’s Coming To Disney World

Everyone loves Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld and beyond. Here is a list NH Travel Agent insider secrets attractions that are coming to these excellent theme parks this year and beyond. 


    In the Creative Cove of Lego Land, there is a new attraction called the Build-A-Boat. This is where kids and parents can go and create a watercraft and race them through the swift moving rivers. This is the first of five new attractions coming to Disney near you. 

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  1. Animal Kingdom

    In late May of this year, Disney’s Animal Kingdom started nighttime The debut of Sunset Kilimanjaro Safaris and Tree of Life Awakenings were just two of the rides added to this theme park. When you go out on one of these rides, you will also encounter some new wildlife. African wild dogs and hyenas were added to the attraction to spice things up. If you are looking for the full African experience, book a two-hour tour of the savanna. This tour is called “Savor the Savanna.” It is amazing. 

  2. The Jungle Book 

    Do you love the Jungle Book movie? It has become of the that has stayed with me most of my life. “The Bear Necessities”! Now there is at the Discover River Theatre for a limited time you can experience the magic of  “The Jungle Book” on stage. This show features singers, musicians, dancers and performers that will inspire you to get up and dance the “Bear Necessities”. 

  3. Tiffins Restuarant

    Along with the new attractions at the Animal Kingdom, there is a new restaurant. It is located near the Pizzafari on Discovery Island. Inspired the African culture, you can experience a diverse menu at indoor or outdoor seating. 

  4. Star Wars 

    I don’t know too many people that have not seen at least one star wars movie. Now at Disney World, you can get fully immersed into the adventure of Star Wars with a live stage show. In this show, you may see Darth Vader, Darth Maul, BB-8, Kylo Ren and Chewbacca. Don’t be to shy, I heard Vader can be a little intimidating. 

  5. Lego Land 

    At Disney Orland, the Lego Land attraction added a new 4D Nexo Knights move experience. Kids will be immersed into the kingdom of Merlock and join the heroic Nexo Knights at they battle it out against the evil Jester.