NH Travel Agent Cheater’s Guide to Vacationing In Ireland

Have you ever had the desire to travel to Europe? You may be a bit nervous, but don’t worry there are many great destinations to visit in Europe. Ireland is one of those destinations that may not have thought of. Ireland, in fact, is one of the closest destinations to the United States. Here is a NH Travel Agent Cheater’s guide to vacationing in Ireland. 

NH Travel Agent

Rent a Car When in Ireland

Many visitors from America or Europe will use a tour bus to get around the country. Their fear of driving in a foreign country is often the biggest obstacle. The advantage of renting a car is far more valuable, and it allows you to explore the country at your own pace. 

If you rent a car, get one that is automatic and not a stick shift. You want one less thing to think about when driving. Before you leave for your vacation, book your car rental through your travel agent. Don’t forget to get the travel insurance and rental car insurance. 


Don’t Leave Without a Road Map

When you are driving in a different country, the roads may be confusing. Get a detailed road map or two. Here are two road maps that you can buy ahead of time. 

  1. Michelin Travel Publications – Map of Ireland
  2. Eyewitness Travel – Back Roads of Ireland

These two map publications will help you to navigate the vast road system of Ireland. When you get to Ireland, visit the Tourist Board they publish a map that is free to tourists. 


Get a Good Guidebook To Explore Ireland

Guidebooks are written from different perspectives based on the author’s experience and research. Not all guidebooks are equal. It may be challenging to find a comprehensive guide book. Here are just a few guide books that have good reviews. 

  1. Ireland 2016 by Rick Stevens

Rick Stevens brings a candid and humorous twist to this guide about Ireland. You will get a comprehensive up to date guided tour of like Dublin, Kilkenny, The Ruins of the Ring of Kerry and more. 


  1. Frommer’s Complete Color Guide to Ireland 2016

This guide has 15 customer reviews with a 4.5 out of 5-star rating. Written by a veteran journalist that shows you how to experience Ireland the way the locals do. There are dozens of detail maps, attractions, hotels, etc.. 


Plan Everything About Your Trip Ahead of Time!

Planning is the most critical part of any vacation. The only exception to the rule is for the person that just wants to explore randomly like a nomad. Planning will make a difference in how you experience Ireland. You can blend in like a local or stand out as a tourist. Find a NH Travel Agent to work with to firm up your plans. Most NH Travel Agents know the in’s and out’s of booking your vacation. 


Visit One or Two Regions

It may be ambitious to try and visit the whole country in one vacation. Ireland is a small country about the size of Virgina. One of the mistakes vacationers make is cramming too much into one vacation. If you are vacationing for one or two weeks, try to plan visits to more attractions in a smaller area. Here are some of the regions you can visit. 

  1. Eastern Ireland

This is a perfect place for the history lover in you. It is rich in architecture and culture. There are museums, restaurants, theaters and shopping. There are also passage tombs, ancient cities, and famous thoroughbred horse farms here. 

  1. Western Ireland

If there is an outdoor adventurer in you, then you will love the wild landscape in the western part of Ireland. There are ancient cliffs, creepy bogs, sheer cliffs and some of the rarest paths in Ireland. Along the way, there is no shortage of Irish Pubs to quench your thirst. 

  1. Northern Ireland

In the north, there are many scenic lakes and astonishing mountains to explore. You can visit the historic Belfast and the only completely walled city in Europe, Derry. The oldest known distillery in the world is Bushmills.