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Five Amazing Things I loved about Costa Rica

By / July 21, 2017

Costa Rica is officially known as the Republic of Costa Rica. Since the 1980’s Costa Rica has become a very popular destination for a vacation destination in Central America. Costa Rica is possibly the ideal vacation destination for your vacation. Tourists love the pristine beaches, clear blue waters and seeing the whales and dolphins play.…

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10 Reasons Why You Need Travel Insurance for Your Next Trip

By Sarah / July 14, 2017

The last thing that you want to think about when on vacation is what to do in an emergency situation. There are thousands of scenarios that could cause you to cancel your trip once you are on vacation. It can be very challenging dealing with an emergency or any situation that may cause you to…

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All Inclusive Vacation

Why I choose a Disney All Inclusive Vacation for my next vacation

By Sarah / July 7, 2017

Disney all-inclusive vacations might just be the trick if you’re ready for a happily ever after family trip. An all-inclusive vacation to Disney World can make this dream come true, and all-inclusive options help make it affordable for many travelers. Family trips to Disney World can be expensive once you add up all the individual…

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NH Travel Agent Tips: Beware Of Experiential Travel Programs

By Sarah / June 23, 2017

In the last year or so, the term “experiential travel” has popped up in the industry. The idea behind this craze right now is to get people to not get travelers but to actually live it like you are a real traveler. Wikipedia describes this as, “The goal is to more deeply understand a travel destination’s…

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Best Spring Vacation

The 5 Hottest Trending Spots For 2017 Summer Vacations

By Sarah / June 9, 2017

Schools out, the summer weather is finally here, and you’re sitting down to plan your families summer vacation for this year. Depending on what your budget is, you can spend a little or a lot of money on your summer vacation. The great thing about summer is the amount of budget friendly destinations to have…

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Where Are The Best Places To Vacation In June?

By Sarah / May 26, 2017

Schools out, Spring’s over and Summer is in the air. There is so much to be happy about this month and next month. I love this time of year with the spring showers and sunny days in the 60’s and 70’s. It’s not too hot and not too cold, just right!  This is the time…

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Five Things To Do When Vacationing In Iceland

By Sarah / May 12, 2017

Iceland is one of those countries that you may not think about for a vacation. It is one of my favorite countries in the world because of the natural wonders! Here are five of the top things to see or do in Iceland.    Whale Watching Several companies in Iceland take you out for whale…

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Aruba the Quintessential Caribbean All-Inclusive Vacation Destination

By Sarah / April 28, 2017

Aruba is the quintessential Caribbean All-Inclusive Vacation island with its sun and crystal clear seas and powdery white sand beaches. Aruba is another great destination that seems lost in a time warp. Time will slow way down when you vacation here to a very pleasant crawl while you enjoy the amazing beauty of this amazing…

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NH Travel Agents

8 of My Best Travel Tips After 10+ Years Of Traveling

By Sarah / April 21, 2017

After working in this industry for more than 10+ years, I have learned a few tips and tricks to make life a little easier when traveling. Some of these Travel Tips can be avoided, and some are just part of traveling abroad. You can plan for most things in life, but unfortunately, you can’t plan for…

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4 Tips for Your Dominican Republic Vacation

By Sarah / April 7, 2017

Are you a first-time visitor or a repeat vacationer of the Dominican Republic. Traveling to a new tropical vacation spot is full of fun, an adventure that will give you wonderful stories to share with all of your friends and family when you get home. When you prepare for your overseas trip, you want to…

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10 Caribbean Vacation Tips to Keep You Safe at Your Destination

By Sarah / March 28, 2017

The Caribbean is a great place to travel to for your next vacation. There are dozens of destinations and hundreds of activities to take advantage of while in the Caribbean. But what you don’t hear a lot about are some of the challenges of traveling to another country and different culture. In this article, we…

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Five Of The Best Cities In The World To Visit

By Sarah / March 17, 2017

This is my own list of five of the best cities in this amazing world to visit. Here it goes… Major cities, lights, and urban life provide an endless flow of ideas for vacation ideas. I put together a list of the best cities to visit based on many factors. Things like a city’s beauty,…

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The Economics of Flying In Different Airline Classes

By Sarah / March 10, 2017

Have you every wondered how the different classes on an international flight are classified. This video by Wendover Productions did a great video explaining the different classes in an airplane and the economics of each class. This interesting information for the person that fly’s on a regular basis or for the person that is thinking about traveling…

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Best Spring Vacation

20 Of The Best Spring Vacation Ideas For 2017, Part 3

By Sarah / March 3, 2017

This is our last installment of the Best Spring Vacation destinations for 2017. Here are the last 5 destinations that are voted the best vacation spots for the spring season. After a long cold winter any vacation spots away from snow, ice and rain is likely to be better. Once you have read through these…

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Best Spring Vacation

20 Of The Best Spring Vacation Ideas For 2017, Part 2

By Sarah / February 25, 2017

Last week we talked about the first 8 destinations that were perfect for springtime vacation destinations. Here are the next 7 of the destinations that are hailed as the Best Spring Vacation destinations.  #9 San Diego, California Mild weather, flowers blooming and one of the largest flow tent shows in the world take place here.…

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20 Of The Best Spring Vacation Ideas For 2017, Part 1

By Sarah / February 18, 2017

Spring time is almost here! Even though in New England we have not had a hard winter, looking forward to Spring time is great. Spring is the ideal time to visit many places throughout the world. What makes it the best time is being able to avoid peak travel times and avoiding the crowds.  Traveling…

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Vietnam is Bigger Than You Think! Claremont Resident Backpacks Across Vietnam

By Sarah / February 11, 2017

Local travel blogger Travel With Burns is currently traveling through Vietnam. Here are some highlights of his adventure through Vietnam.    Ho Chi Minh City Ho Chi Minh City is bursting with activity at a dizzying rate. This super fast paced city is full of commerce and culture that has driven the country forward at…

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Keys To Traveling The World is Using Credit Cards Wisely

By Sarah / February 3, 2017

Most airlines and hotel chains have co-branded credit cards. Most of these cards allow you to accrue points to be used for travel or products.   Some credit card companies offer huge sign-up bonuses after you are approved.   I earn miles and points on different credit cards each month as I make my regular…

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Vacationing in Brazil

Five Crazy Things To Do When Vacationing in Brazil, Iguassu Falls.

By Sarah / January 9, 2017

The Iguassu Falls in Brazil are located where the edge of the Iguassu River meets the edge of the Parana Plateau. This water wonder is one of the largest and most spectacular falls in the world. It is a stunning 1.7 miles along the edge of a 269-foot drop into Devils Throat a U-shaped chasm…

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disney vacation club

What Is The Disney Vacation Club? [VIDEO]

By Sarah / December 30, 2016

Many families and couples vacation at Disney Resorts throughout the year. Have you heard of the Disney Vacation Club? Here is a video explaining the benefits of joining the Disney Vacation Club.  Here is a brief through some of the Club Disney Resorts. 

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winter break vacation

When is the best time to book my winter break vacation?

By Sarah / December 21, 2016

If you’re thinking about booking a winter break vacation, but aren’t quite sure when to start, the following information is meant for you. Obviously, you don’t want to wait until the last minute, unless it’s a spur-of-the-moment trip. Waiting increases the chances of higher rates and reduced availability, unless you have the luck of the…

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Five Of The Best Warm Weather Vacation Spots

By Sarah / December 16, 2016

  1. Anguilla, Maundays Bay The average temperature in January is 83 degrees. This village of bone-white Greco-Moorish buildings cluster exotically along the Maundays Bay. Surrounding this stylish dwelling is 180 acres of more than sixty thousand flowering plants. There are more seventy impeccably maintained beachfront guest rooms that open wide to ocean front dreams. …

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Top 10 Fun Vacation Places To Go In Jamaica

By Sarah / December 7, 2016

1 – Bob Marley Museum The museum is situated on the site of the legendary musician’s home, which he purchased in 1975. This house, featuring 19th-century architecture, was Marley’s home until his death in 1981. It was converted into a museum six years later by his wife, Mrs Rita Marley. The main museum displays Marley’s…

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7 Things NEVER To Do At Airport Security

By Sarah / November 22, 2016

Who really enjoys going through airport security? It is a necessary precaution to keep people safe when traveling around the world. The best that anyone can hope for is short lines and to get through security quickly. This means being prepared and not doing things that can get you in trouble with TSA. Here are…

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Best Spring Vacation

Escape The Winter Cold With A Vacation To Maui, Hawaii [VIDEOS]

By Sarah / November 16, 2016

Maui is one of the vacation destinations that everyone wants to go to. There is an average of 2.5 million visitors to Maui each year. This is one of my favorite spots to vacation. Here is a quick guide to Maui for your winter vacation this year.  Maui Beaches There are beaches spread out throughout…

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Vacation Disaster

How To Deal With Vacation Disasters While On Vacation

By Sarah / November 11, 2016

When it comes to vacation travel, all of us like to focus on the positive and memorable aspects of the vacation. We look forward to the sights we will see, the experiences in a new culture and the fun we’ll have. What happens when disaster strikes while you are on vacation?   Types of disasters…

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NH Travel Agency Guide To Planning A Cancun Vacation

By Sarah / October 26, 2016

Cancun is an amazing place to vacation during the winter months. It has everything that you would want in a vacation destination: shopping, spas, sports, beaches and a great Mexican culture. Here is your NH Travel Agency guide to vacationing in Cancun, Mexico.  When Should You Go?  You don’t have to worry about the sun…

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Winter Travel

Upper Valley Winter Travel Survival Tips In Your Car

By Sarah / October 18, 2016

We live in New England and most winters people are prepared for the onslaught of snow. What happens when you are not? You might not have ever been stuck in your car during a snow storm, but here are some Winter Travel tips to survive if you do find yourself stranded in your vehicle this…

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New Hampshire

5 Weird and Interesting Places To Visit In New Hampshire

By Sarah / October 11, 2016

New Hampshire is the Live Free or Die state and sometimes that means we do some kind of weird things. There also are some pretty weird but interesting places to see in the Granite State. Here are just 5 of those odd places you should see right in your own backyard.    1 America’s Stone…

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6 Hidden Attractions While Vacationing In Barcelona, Spain

By Sarah / October 6, 2016

Barcelona is one of the most fashionable cities in the Europe. The city is home to world-renowned architecture and lots of history. Sandy white beaches and lots of sights to see offer tourists many attractions to see while Vacationing in Barcelona, Spain. Here are the top six 1 Casa Batllo   This is one of…

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Perfect Winter Vacation Destination

Cancun Mexico Is The Perfect Winter Vacation Destination

By Sarah / September 29, 2016

Cancun is first thought of as the playground for American college students. It is also a great place for luxury seekers, beach lovers and anyone that is looking to sit back and relax on the warm sands of Cancun. There are many reasons why you might want to vacation in Cancun, but we are going…

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NH Travel Agent

How To Choose Where To Travel Next From A NH Travel Agent

By Sarah / September 23, 2016

There are so many places to travel to in the world. How can I possibly see them all? As a travel agent, I can travel pretty much anywhere in the world and sometimes get asked, “How do you choose where to travel to as a NH Travel Agent?” It surprises me, but it is one…

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Winter Vacation

5 Winter Vacation Destinations Perfect For Your Honeymoon

By Sarah / September 15, 2016

So you are getting married, have you found the perfect honeymoon spot yet? Honeymoons come in all different packages. Most honeymoons are based on the couple’s personalities. Here are five of the world’s hottest honeymoon Winter Vacation destinations for you and your spouse.    1 Camino Real Acapulco Diamante This honeymoon destination is famous for…

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Winter Vacations

NH Travel Agent Consumers Choice For The Best Winter Vacations

By Sarah / September 8, 2016

Winter is just around the corner. It doesn’t seem that bad at first, but after a while, in the cold weather, you change you mind and look for warmer weather. Don’t worry, now is a great time to plan your next vacation. Here are readers choice for the best places for Winter Vacations.  1 COSTA…

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Best Spring Vacation

NH Travel Agent Insider Secrets: What’s Coming To Disney World

By Sarah / August 25, 2016

Everyone loves Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld and beyond. Here is a list NH Travel Agent insider secrets attractions that are coming to these excellent theme parks this year and beyond.  LEGO LAND In the Creative Cove of Lego Land, there is a new attraction called the Build-A-Boat. This is where kids and…

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NH Travel Agent Tips Vacation Blues

Beat The Post-Summer Blues With These NH Travel Agent Tips

By Sarah / August 18, 2016

Those warm, carefree days and cool summer nights are coming to a close. Back to school for the kids and back to work for you. Cooler temperatures and waning sunlight are around the corner along with a deep longing for summer beach days. If you are having a hard time struggling with the reality that…

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New England Vacation

10 of The Best Beaches For a New England Vacation or Day Trip

By Sarah / August 5, 2016

Living in a region that is blessed to have so many beach towns is great. There are hundreds of miles of coastline or lake beach fronts throughout New England. Whether you are looking to ride the waves in the cool waters of Maine or relaxing on a remote lakefront beach. Here are 10 0f the best…

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NH Travel Agents

Stop! NH Travel Agents Recommend Global Entry Now!

By Sarah / July 27, 2016

You’re probably asking yourself what the heck is “Global Entry” if you have not heard of it yet. When you travel outside of the United States of America, you need your passport to leave and re-enter the country. Global entry is an effort by the TSA to protect the United States borders. NH Travel Agents…

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The 5 Secrets About Disney’s Polynesian Resort You Didn’t know

By Sarah / July 13, 2016

Aloha! Disney’s Polynesian Resort first opened in 1971. It was one of the first resorts to open at Walt Disney World. This resort boasts a South Pacific paradise theme and is famous for the Polynesian Luau. One of the features that guests love is how the resort reflects the spirit of the Polynesian culture. It makes you…

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NH Travel Agents

NH Travel Agents Love Disney’s Animal Kingdom Resort! Here’s Why

By Sarah / July 6, 2016

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge and Resort is an immersive experience into life in the wild animal kingdom. It is one of the best resorts at Walk Disney World today. They have truly captured the essence of the African savanna in the lodge and its surroundings. This is one of the key reasons why NH Travel…

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Travel Agents

Travel Agents Love Disney’s Art of Animation Resort: You will too!

By Sarah / June 22, 2016

Disney is magical and mysterious and full of wonder for all ages. Disney’s Art of Animation Resort is within the Walt Disney World Resort in Kissimmee, Florida. Located in Lake Buena Vista, it is ideal for families. This resort features four character themes: The Lion King, Cars, Finding Nemo and the Little Mermaid. This is…

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National Park

Top 5 Stunning National Park Landmarks You Must See

By Sarah / June 15, 2016

This year is the 100th year of National Parks Service. The National Parks service will be celebrating the many achievements they have accomplished during the past 100 years. The National Park service works in close collaboration with many partners and stakeholders to make all of our National Parks throughout the United States adventurous, educational and…

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Travel Tips: What to do before I travel Internationally

By Sarah / June 8, 2016

  Is this your first time traveling abroad or are you an old hat at International travel? Whether you are a first timer or have traveled for years, here are some practical tips for traveling the globe and not getting stuck.  1. Doctors & Insurance- Check in with your doctor and let them know where you…

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The 7 Reasons Why Tourists Love Budapest

By Sarah / June 3, 2016

Budapest is a bustling city with 334 hotels, 1,484 vacation rentals and more than 1,014 things to do in this great city. Among the 118 springs and boreholes located in Budapest, it gives life to 15 million gallons of water bubble daily. There is a large neo-baroque Szechenyi Spa that lives amongst the Ottoman architecture…

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Vermont Vacations

8 Stupendous Spots, We Love For Vermont Vacations

By Sarah / May 26, 2016

My own memories of vacationing in the great state of Vermont as a child are wonderful. As a child camping under the crisp summer, night, skies made me wonder how vast the night sky really was. It brings back childhood daydreams of traveling through space visiting other planets and just daydreaming in general. As a…

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NH Travel Agents

NH Travel Agent: How does a TSA Precheck affect my flight plans?

By Sarah / May 17, 2016

If you have traveled in the United States any time after 2001, then you are familiar with the (TSA) Transportation Security Administration. They screen everyone before you board the plane and determine if you are a threat to that flight and its passengers. Here are some NH Travel Agent tips on what a TSA Precheck…

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7 NH Travel Agent Tips for Vacationing in Oahu, Hawaii

By Sarah / May 11, 2016

The Hawaiian island of Oahu is the premier spot for surfers and vacationers from around the world. Swelling waves, crystal blue waters and the Triple Crown Surfing are just some of the attractions. If sports are not your thing, don’t worry, there are still dozens of pristine beaches to relax on. Here are 7 NH…

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NH Travel Agents

NH Travel Agent Tips for Planning A Trip To Hawaii

By Sarah / May 4, 2016

Paradise in the Hawaiian Islands doesn’t have to be overpriced. There are many ways to pinch some pennies and still have a fantastic vacation in paradise. We’ll give you some insider secrets from a NH Travel Agent on how to get the most for your dollars when vacationing in Hawaii. Best time of year The…

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NH Travel Agent Cheater’s Guide to Vacationing In Ireland

By Sarah / April 21, 2016

Have you ever had the desire to travel to Europe? You may be a bit nervous, but don’t worry there are many great destinations to visit in Europe. Ireland is one of those destinations that may not have thought of. Ireland, in fact, is one of the closest destinations to the United States. Here is…

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6 Best NH Travel Agent Tips For Vacationing in France

By Sarah / April 15, 2016

France is officially known as the French Republic located in Western Europe. France has a very rich history dating back to the Gauls during the iron age. The capital Paris, France is one of the most romantic city in the world sought after by many couples. Here are the 6 Best NH Travel Agent spots…

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