Insider Tips for Traveling to Jamaica this Winter Vacation

Jamaica is one of the jewels in the Caribbean. Jamaica is a country that just cries out to the world to be explored. With a vast array of things to do like:

  • bathing in the sun
  • swimming in the crystal blue water
  • underwater exploration
  • hikes into amazing jungles
  • going out for a river-bound excursion for a grand adventure.


It is no wonder why so many people from around the world decide to make Jamaica the island of choice for their next winter vacation break. If you have made Jamaica your vacation destination this winter, here are some tips to make the most of your trip.


1. If you want to travel about, Rent a car

Great you are going to be more adventuresome when you are in Jamaica. Keep in mind that many of the roads are full of potholes in Jamaica. Speed limits are posted, but they are largely ignored by drivers there. Don’t forget that you are going to be driving on the “wrong” side of the road when there. If you do rent a car, get a 4×4. The last thing you want to do is get a rental stuck somewhere in Jamaica. When you go to pick up your rental, don’t forget to check the trunk or under the car for the spare tire and make sure it has air in it.


2. Don’t wing it, Make a Plan

Great you now have a set of wheels for your stay in Jamaica. Don’t just roam about! Make a plan for your route. You can use Google Maps there, but you might want to pick up a physical map and talk to someone at your hotel that knows the area. What might look like a major road on your map may just be a goat path after all. Keep in mind that the larger “A” road will be a faster route than the smaller “B” roads.


3. In Season or Off Season

Here is something to keep in mind when you are traveling to Jamaica that could make the different between a great vacation and a disaster. The hurricane season for Jamiaca is from July til November. You can visit any time of the year, but you do risk it a little more when traveling there during the hurricane season. We recommend traveling there in the off season. Another advantage that you get is the hotel and resort rates do drop during the off season.


4. Mosquitos love people

Just in case you did not know, there is a little thing called Chikungunya fever, and it is transmitted by mosquitos. This virus is present throughout most of the Caribbean islands. The effects are not deadly, but will feel more like the flu virus back home. Most hotels in the Caribbean have mosquito nets, but not all. Ask for a net when you get to your hotel. Don’t forget to pack the mosquito repellent and when you are out and about apply generously.


5. Musical Melody

One of the more notable things about Jamaica is the amazingly talented people that have gone on to superstar status originated from Jamaica. Bob Marley is one of those amazingly gifted people that launched into a global superstar. Jamaica has its roots in music that reach all the way back to Africa. In Jamaica, music is a part of life, and you will find yourself singing and swaying along to the rhythm soon.


So if you have not chosen a winter vacation destination for this coming winter break, don’t rule out Jamaica. This is one of those places that once you have gone Jamaican, you really won’t want to come back.