Five Crazy Things To Do When Vacationing in Brazil, Iguassu Falls.

Vacationing in Brazil

The Iguassu Falls in Brazil are located where the edge of the Iguassu River meets the edge of the Parana Plateau. This water wonder is one of the largest and most spectacular falls in the world. It is a stunning 1.7 miles along the edge of a 269-foot drop into Devils Throat a U-shaped chasm of raging white water. There are over 250 different cascades at the falls which truly make it an adventure to see. Here are five crazy things to do when you vacation in Brazil and visit Iguassu Falls. 


1 Boat Safari

The Macuco Jetboat Safari is one of the great thrills in cool rushing white waters you’ll ever have. This crazy thrill ride takes you right into the heart of Devils Throat where you race through the rapids with other thrill seekers. Don’t expect to come out dry here! There is no shortage of bumps, thumps, splashes and roars to soak you completely through and through. Just remember you’ll have survived the Devils Throat by going under one of the world’s largest waterfalls. 


2 Hike, Bike and Paddle Adventure

The Iguazu Falls are par of the Iguassu National Forest, and when you are not getting wet, you can start your adventures with a 10km bike ride. This journey will take you deep into the lush green heart of the Iguassu forest. Caution to those that are not ready for a steady uphill bike ride. While you are coasting through the forest over packed trails, suspension bridges and boardwalks, you get to view spectacular scenery. This venture is an excellent ride for first-time adventurers through a tropical forest while Vacationing in Brazil. 


3 Iguassu Bird Park 

You may not see a large variety of tropical birds while hiking or biking through the tropical forest but you can see them at the park. Iguassu bird park is home to several different aviaries. Many of the birds here are rescues due to poaching. You’ll get to see exotic butterflies, snakes, and all manner of birds. 


4 Marco Das Americas 

This tourist spot is also called the Three Borders Landmark. It is a unique spot in the world where three countries and three rivers meet in one place. Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay come together here and provide the tourist with a unique adventure. This river convergence is a must see on your adventures in Brazil. 


5 Itaipu Dam Tour

The Itaipu Dam was once the largest Dam project in the world but is now in second place to China’s Three Gorges. Taking a two-hour tour of this mega structure is no less stunning, though. All three countries benefit from the massive amount of hydroelectric power this Dam creates. 

This massive dam created a stunning reservoir that is 520,000 square miles all held back by a 643 foot tall, 25,981-foot long dam that produces a whopping 14 Gigawatts of electricity. Even if you are not into seeing a modern marvel like this, it still is impressively stunning to see for your own eyes. This is a stop worth seeing while Vacationing in Brazil.