Fall Travel Update 2018: Five Amazing Places To Visit and What To Do When You Get There

There are many places to travel to during the summer months, but what about during the fall with the wind-down of the summer season? Most people travel during the winter or summer, but the Fall season is the perfect time to travel in many parts of the world. Here are some ideas to help you find that perfect spot with a little bit of excitement, intrigue, and adventure. 

1 Munich, Germany: Oktoberfest

Munich, Germany plays host to Oktoberfest which runs from Sept 22 to October 7, 2018. While this event is copied in many places throughout the world, nobody does it better than Germany. They welcome millions of beer chuggers from around the world for this great event. 


2 Grizzly Bear Viewing: British Columbia

Most of the year you will want to stay away from this apex predator for they can run 30 mph. North American Grizzly bears are shy around humans typically and can be difficult to spot, but in British Columbia, you can go to Bear Camp where you can observe migratory bears and see these amazing creatures up close.


3 Leaf-Viewing in Moscow, Russia

New England is a very popular destination for the dramatic color changes during the fall season, but consider a trip to Moscow, Russia as they have some unexpected autumn hues that are pretty stunning. 


4 Cayman Islands: Pirates Week Festival

Live music, street dances, sporting events, crystal blue waters, fireworks and best of all pirate invasions during the week of Pirates. This festival runs from Nov 2-4 at Cayman Brac, Nov 8-12 at Grand Cayman and Nov 16-18 at Little Cayman resort. Check out their website here. https://www.piratesweekfestival.com/


5 Melbourne, Australia: Horse Racing

Melbourne is like most cities in the world, except for one event. The Melbourne Cup which is the most prestigious horse race in the Country. It is held the first Tuesday in November 2018. It’s not just the race that makes this so amazing, it’s the hoopla, parties, and fashions before and after the event that makes this a great destination event.