How To Deal With Vacation Disasters While On Vacation

Vacation Disaster

When it comes to vacation travel, all of us like to focus on the positive and memorable aspects of the vacation. We look forward to the sights we will see, the experiences in a new culture and the fun we’ll have. What happens when disaster strikes while you are on vacation?


Types of disasters

Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, luggage, is stolen or lost, cancelled flights, lost passports, having your things stolen, getting mugged in a foreign country, political unrest, getting injured, food poisoning, missing your flight, your cruise got cancelled, etc.. These are all types of common disasters that happen to people while on vacation unfortunately. 


The first thing to realize is no is no way you can guard completely from anyone of these disasters happening to you. There are some common sense things that you can do to help protect you when they do happen. 

  1. Purchase travel insurance before your trip. This will help you to cover any financial loss. Also, make sure your medical coverage is usable while outside the country. 


  1. Avoid going to places that have hurricanes, volcanic eruptions at peak times. 


  1. Register with the State Department to let your country know where you are going and when in the case of a natural disaster. 


Vacation Disaster: Natural Disasters (Weather)

  1. Remain calm and patient as possible. I understand that while in the middle of a natural disaster it will be hard to do that. During a natural disaster, nothing will work correctly. You also are not the only person that this is affecting. 
  2. Make sure you contact your friends or family as soon as possible. Your loved ones will be worried about you when they hear about the disaster in your area. 
  3. Check with your travel agent and airline for their policies concerning natural disasters. 


Vacation Disaster: Political Unrest

  1. Research before you leave for vacation what the political environment is like in the country you are visiting. The State Department is a good source to let know about current events. 
  2. Check travel blogs, news sites and what other social media travelers are saying about your destination spot. 
  3. A little common sense goes a long way. If political unrest breaks out before you leave for vacation, cancel your trip. 
  4. If you are already there and political turmoil breaks out, don’t get involved and contact your embassy as soon as possible. 


Vacation Disaster: Lost Luggage

I thankfully have not had my luggage lost too many times, but when it happens to you, it is a pain to deal with. Here’s what you need to know. 

  1. Remain calm and don’t leave the airport. 
  2. Go to your airline’s counter and find out where the luggage claim office is located. They may be able to find your luggage quickly and get it resolved. 
  3. Be persistent and speak up about getting your luggage back. 
  4. Try and recover your airline baggage fees. If you booked your trip through our office, give us a call, and we can help you through the process. 


Vacation Disaster: I missed my flight

The best way to not miss your flight is to be prepared and double prepared. 

  1. Set 1 or 2 alarms on your cell phone, watch, computer to remind you to be there on time. 
  2. When booking your flight, be aware of connecting flights and time, you will need in- between to make it there on time. 
  3. Leave early! Don’t wait til the last minute to get to the airport. It is better to have extra time while at the airport then try and rush through security and miss your flight. 


Vacation Disaster: Getting robbed while on vacation

The reality is you can get mugged anywhere in the world, and it sucks when it happens to you. Here are some tips to deter thieves from targeting you. 

  1. Wear a money belt. For men, the back pocket is the worst place to put your wallet. 
  2. Leave your passport locked in your room safe. Don’t carry it on you while venturing about. 
  3. Make copies of everything in case you do get robbed. They will be crucial in getting out of the country and contacting the bank. 
  4. Don’t carry any items that are of high value when you are walking about. 
  5. Don’t be flashy! This will certainly draw attention to you when you are abroad. 
  6. If you do get robbed, immediately go to the local police department and contact your insurance company and travel agent. If your passport is stolen get to the nearest embassy as soon as possible and report it. 


These are some of the most common vacation disasters that happen to people when abroad. Before you book your vacation, give us a call. We have helped thousands of customers find the perfect vacation and get out of some of these disasters.