Beat The Post-Summer Blues With These NH Travel Agent Tips

Those warm, carefree days and cool summer nights are coming to a close. Back to school for the kids and back to work for you. Cooler temperatures and waning sunlight are around the corner along with a deep longing for summer beach days. If you are having a hard time struggling with the reality that summer days are coming to a rapid close, read this article. Here are some NH Travel Agent Tips to beat the post-summer blues. 

NH Travel Agent Tips for Vacation Blues

Don’t End It Yet

You don’t have to stop those summer jaunts to the local beach or the ocean. Schedule in a couple weekends before the heat rushes completely away. Remember we still have some great weather during the month of September. Weekend getaways are great to unwind cast your worries away before the cold snap! 


Roll Back The Schedule

As the summer ends, you will need to adjust your kid’s schedule to get them ready for the school year and getting up early. According to Jennifer Kolari, a family and child therapist “Slowly start to change some of the routines so it’s not such a shock in September”. This will help you kids adjust to the new school schedule and not be so great of a transition. 


Play Dates

Talk to your kids and get them involved in planning some play dates with their friends. Involve their friends in some weekend outings in the area. While you are at it, get them involved in setting up chore schedules and back to school shopping. The more your kids are involved in the whole back-to-school routine, the more energetic they are going to be about heading back to school. 


Bring The Vacation Spirit Home

Enjoying new sights, sounds, foods and cultural experiences increases the attention of your and your kids. Keep some of that vacation spirit going throughout the year by planning out new activities regularly. Find small local excursions that you can take the whole family and enjoy together. Get the family involved in coming up with new ideas and help planning it out. Living in the excitement of being on vacation doesn’t have to be only during the summer. 



Get Off Grid

For many families today going on vacation even means getting off the grid for a while. Unplugging from the TV’s, phone, cell phones, the internet, computers, tablets, etc.. and just exploring your surroundings is another way of feeling like you are on vacation. If you are in the habit of checking your phone several times per hour or staring at the screen for more than an hour per day, you need to unplug. Getting away from the electronics allows your brain and body to unwind and relax from the fast pace of information today. 



The National Sleep Foundation found that getting more sleep dramatically affect the body and brain. Getting 30 min. , more sleep significantly affects the cognitive and emotional aspects of your mind. Here are the recommended hours sleep that we should have.  

  • Toddlers: (ages 1-2) 11-14 hrs per night
  • Preschool: (3-5) 10-13 hrs. per night
  • Early secondary school: (6-13) 9 -11 hrs. per night
  • Teens: (14-17) 8-10 hrs. per night
  • Adults: 7-9 hrs. per night 

If you are looking to getaway or plan a second vacation this year, stop in and see how we can help you find the best deals for you and your family.