Aruba the Quintessential Caribbean All-Inclusive Vacation Destination

Aruba is the quintessential Caribbean All-Inclusive Vacation island with its sun and crystal clear seas and powdery white sand beaches. Aruba is another great destination that seems lost in a time warp. Time will slow way down when you vacation here to a very pleasant crawl while you enjoy the amazing beauty of this amazing destination. The only thing in a hurry here is the parrotfish.

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First time to Aruba?

This island is 21 miles long and has an area of about 75 square miles. It is a popular vacation destination and offers a large and varied choice of accommodations. If you enjoy the high-rise resorts, then Palm Beach is one of the best places to stay. If you are more low key and want to stay in low-rise resorts, then Eagle Beach is a good place to stay. Outside of the major hotel chains there are many vacation villas or condos and timeshare rentals that you can take advantage of.

Before you go on vacation to Aruba, do the research. Stop into a travel agent and find out all of the do’s and don ts of traveling to this exotic paradise.


Should I drink bottled water?

Aruba is a little different from the Dominican Republic in this matter. There is no need to buy bottled water in Aruba. Aruba’s tap water is pure and refreshing and meets the highest standards of quality by the World Health Organization. It is amazing because Aruba does not have any significant natural resource of fresh water. They get all of their drinking water from the desalination process of salt water.


What time of year should I visit?

Aruba’s slow season is between April and December and the busy season is between late December and April. Each resort is going to vary a little bit as each all-inclusive resort has different attractions. Whether it is busy or slow Aruba is a great destination for vacation during the winter break season.


What is the weather like?

Aruba has a year-round average temperature of 82 degrees. Any time of year is going to be a great time to visit. In September, the trade winds tend to die down, and you will see a slight temperature increase during this month. One of the nice features of this little tropical paradise is Aruba lies far outside the hurricane belt, away from the storms. They on occasion may feel the effects of nearby tropical weather, but normally they are passed completely.


Is Aruba Family Friendly?

Aruba is a very family friendly destination and offers many activities for all members of your family. Some of the kid-friendly hotels in Aruba are:

Many of these resorts will accommodate families with very young children and offer cribs. Most of these hotels participate in a great program called “One Cool Family” that caters to family vacations. The “ One Cool Family” program is normally offered between the months of May and September every year. It includes free accommodation and free children’s breakfast at any of about 15 resorts for kids 12 and under staying with two adults in a room.


If you are looking for a winter break vacation destination this coming winter for you and your family. Aruba just might be one of the best tropical destinations to go to. Don’t forget to get all of your passports in order and check with your local travel agent to plan out all of the fun while there. Your local travel agent is your best resource for finding, booking and taking care of all of the little things for your all-inclusive vacation package.