7 Things NEVER To Do At Airport Security

airport security

Who really enjoys going through airport security? It is a necessary precaution to keep people safe when traveling around the world. The best that anyone can hope for is short lines and to get through security quickly. This means being prepared and not doing things that can get you in trouble with TSA. Here are seven things to avoid. 


1 Don’t bring more than 3.4 ounces of liquid. 

This is known by frequent fliers, but for vacationers, it is called the 3 to 1 rule. This rule put into place back in 2006 by the TSA. Every time a person has a bottle of shampoo, perfume in a carry on bag, they have to stop and check it. They will pull you aside with the bag and search for all liquids, and you’ll get some dirty looks from everyone you are holding up in line too. 

There are a few exceptions to the rule like medications, breast milk, and baby formula. Even with these liquids, you will want to be careful how much you have in your carry on. 


2 Keep your boarding pass and ID in hand. 

While you are standing in line for the TSA screening, keep you boarding pass and ID/passport ready. Fumbling through your bag looking for these items hold up the line for others and TSA. 


3 Get ready before you get into the TSA line

Don’t wait til the last minute to take your belt, watch jacket and shoes off. Be prepared and take them off before you get to the TSA agent. The best way to move through security as fast a possible is to have everything ready ahead of time. 


4 Don’t give TSA security a hard time

You just might think your shampoo bottle is less than 3.4 ounces, but they still need to check it. Remember they are just doing their job, and they are the ones telling you what is acceptable or not. Yes, you may be one of the passengers that have something taken away “contraband,” remember TSA has all the power in this situation. Arguing with them won’t help you at all. It might just get you detained, though! 


5 Don’t pass by less busy checkpoints

Most large airports like Logan Airport and Manchester, NH have multiple terminals. Some may be busier than others at certain times of the day. The TSA offers an app to customers called MYTSA that allow you to check security wait times at each checkpoint. Use this to get through security easier and not bottleneck busier lines. 


6 Don’t joke about security or weapons with TSA

Yes, we do have to mention it. There are people silly enough to joke about security or talk about bombs etc. with TSA nearby. In 2013 Edgar Gabian Navarrete was arrested for joking that his friend had a bomb while they were at the Miami International Airport. Remember this is not the time or place to joke about these things. TSA does not have a sense of humor, and it could cost you your trip and some jail time. 


7 Don’t forget about the TSA Precheck program

The TSA PreCheck program is a risk-based prescreening system that allows frequent travelers to apply for access to restricted and faster lines at the airport. Basically, it is an in-depth background check into your life, and once you are cleared, you get to sail through TSA security. You don’t have to remove belts, jackets or place your 3-1-1 compliant plastic bag or laptop in separate bins. PreCheck is available currently at 180 airports throughout the United States.