The 7 Reasons Why Tourists Love Budapest

Budapest is a bustling city with 334 hotels, 1,484 vacation rentals and more than 1,014 things to do in this great city. Among the 118 springs and boreholes located in Budapest, it gives life to 15 million gallons of water bubble daily. There is a large neo-baroque Szechenyi Spa that lives amongst the Ottoman architecture fo the city. These are just a few of the many reasons why tourists love this country. Here are the top 7 reasons why tourists love Budapest.


1 The Danube Bridge

This is a great spot to walk across when you are nearing dusk. The central bridge on a warm summer evening has a unique view over the Danube River. It also gives a great view of Gellert Hill, The Parliament building, and Buda Castle.


2 The Magalista Festivals

There is no place like Budapest when it comes to the cultural festivals around the world. The Magalista Festivals are great to take part in for the fantastic food, beer, wine, crafts, and music. These festivals take place in the summer seasons. Another festival close nearby is the Sziget Festival. If you love to party, this is one of the biggest parties on the planet Earth.


3 Szechenyi Bath

Summer is not the best time of year to visit this attraction, but if you are a winter lover and want to take advantage of the hot thermal waters outside, then this is the place for you. There are several pools here that are heated by the hot springs underground. It really is quite magical to sit in the pool soaking away your worries while a fresh blanket of snow is falling down. This truly is something that you won’t forget.


4 Margaret Island

Are you a runner? This is the place for anyone that is remotely interested in fitness. There is a 5.8-kilometer rubberized track that goes around Margaret Island. While you are running, you will get the chance to check out some of the beautiful scenery like the Danube, Margaret Bridge and enjoy the sound of the giant swaying trees overhead.


5 Dine by the River

There are some excellent spots along the Danube river to dine with a friend, family or spouse. Most people have fond memories of dining near the Liberty Bridge at the Riverside Bar Raqpart. These are the times that you get to watch the world move by, share a laugh and reflect on how incredible and vast the world really is.


6 Ruszurm, Buda Castle

Hungary is known for it delectable cakes and sweets. There are many cake shops to choose from in Hungary. But that is a favorite among the tourist population is Ruszwurm located in Buda Castle. Here you can enjoy the Kremes from the finest of confectioners. They are known for their amazing cakes. You just might not be able to eat just one!


7 Hidden Courtyards

Throughout the city of Budapest are hidden courtyards. Through many of the apartments, doorways are courtyards that have ornate lifts and grand staircases waiting to be explored. You’ll have to do a little exploring of the buildings in and around Budapest, but some of the gems that you will find will be very worth you time.