7 NH Travel Agent Tips for Vacationing in Oahu, Hawaii

The Hawaiian island of Oahu is the premier spot for surfers and vacationers from around the world. Swelling waves, crystal blue waters and the Triple Crown Surfing are just some of the attractions. If sports are not your thing, don’t worry, there are still dozens of pristine beaches to relax on. Here are 7 NH Travel Agent Tips for your trip to Oahu this year. 

NH Travel Agent

1. Haleiwa Beach Park

There is a vast array of activities that you can participate in and around Haleiwa. This is a small town that is famous for its huge waves but is wonderful for just relaxing and soaking up the sun. 

Haleiwa has little to no traffic, a great selection of local food, luxurious beaches, tons of nature and more. 


2.Atlantis Submarine Tour

While on Oahu, this is one tour you don’t want to miss. It is heralded as one of the most technologically advanced submarines in the world. Once you board, you descend to 100 feet below the surface. There you will get to see tropical fish, sea turtles and sunken shipwrecks that have been hidden for centuries. 


3.Pearl Harbor

This is where one of the most significant events in history took place. The Arizona and Missouri lay at the bottom of the sea, and you can take a Punchbowl Tour remembering the many lives lost. You get to participate in the guided tour of the USS Missouri while there. There is an excellent documentary film about Pearl Harbor here too. 


4.Chief’s Luau

Do you like to dance? The is one of Oahu’s most intimate and authentic luau experiences. You get to dive right in and live the Polynesian culture first hand with Chief Sielu’s tribe. You are surrounded by cliffs and deep blue seas creating an experience like no other. It is located 25 miles from downtown and 10 minutes north of Hanauma Bay. 


5.Dinner Cruise

Do you enjoy dining on the water? The Navatek is one of the most romantic Hawaiian dining experiences in all of the Islands. Forbes magazine hailed it as reinventing the boat. This technological marvel gives you one of the smoothest rides ever. Set on a 140′ high-tech vessel, they create the perfect romantic dinner while cruising the Kahala Coastline. 


6.Dolphin Excursions

Many vacationers that travel to Hawaii dreaming of swimming with the dolphins. The dolphin excursions specialize remote tours of the west shore. This area of Oahu is known for calm, clear waters that are perfect for snorkeling, whale watching, and dolphin encounters. You can 21 other guests go out on the vast blue seas, and 90% of visitors encounter dolphins or whales. 


7.Hollywood Tours

Of course, you can’t visit Oahu without seeing some of the Hollywood movie sites. The majestic cliffs and spires of Hualoa Mountains have been used in many movies and tv shows. You can experience a 4wd jungle expedition, visit a Hawaiian fishpond & garden or go on an ocean voyage. But wait, you don’t want to miss the secret island beach while there. It is called the Kualoa Experience, and they have tours all year round.