5 Tips from a NH Travel Agent for Visiting Maine’s National Park

Touring the Maine coast is one of the adventures that many families enjoy each summer. There are more than 3,400 miles of coastline to explore. Maine is the largest of all of the New England states. You could fit Vermont and New Hampshire inside the State of Maine, just to give you an idea of the size. There’s only one National Park and dozens of state parks in Maine. Here are five tips from your NH Travel Agent for visiting Maine’s Acadia National Park and the other attractions.

NH Travel Agent

1 What are there for parks?

The State of Maine is a vast expanse of towns, cities and parks stretching from the Massachusetts border to Canada. There are thirty-six state parks, one state forest, one state memorial, one state wildlife managed area and eight National Wildlife Refuges.


2 Visiting Acadia National Park

One of the best times of year for visiting this park is during Fall foliage season. Acadia is simply gorgeous during the Fall, but taking a trip there any time of year won’t lead to disappointment. During the fall, you may experience busier traffic at Bar Harbor with cruise ship visitors.

One of the biggest adventures that most travelers enjoy is the Island Explorer bus system that runs through Columbus Day. The bus system travels around most of the island. Therefore, you won’t need your car. If you brought your bikes along, the bus could carry those along the way.

If you plan on staying near the park during the fall foliage season, book your hotel early through a NH Travel Agent for the best rates and advice on hotel accommodations. Acadia National Park is spectacular during the fall and you won’t see the dazzling color display anywhere else like it in New England.


3 Tour the Maine coast

On your way to Acadia National Park, there are many sites to see along the coast of Maine. Here are some of most recommended the stops by our NH Travel Agent. These stops are popular among vacationers throughout the Northeastern United States.

  1. Kittery, Maine
    If you are traveling through Kittery, Maine, then you don’t want to miss out on stopping at the Kittery Trading Post. Here you will experience over 120 famous brand factory and retail stores located in one spot. Just nearby you can visit Fort McClary and Fort Foster and the Pepperell Cove waterfront.
  2. York, Maine
    This iconic historic town was founded in 1652 and over the years has become a summer destination for many throughout New England. York is home to some pristine beaches and the oldest jail in the United States. If you visit York, then you can’t leave without visiting the Nubble lighthouse which was built in 1879 by Congress.
  3. Ogunquit, Maine
    Ogunquit was founded by the Algonquin Indians and the name means “Beautiful place by the Sea.” This small village is very picturesque while chocked full of wonderful shops to visit and restaurants to dine at. There is a walking drawbridge to the ocean front and numerous places to set sail from for the adventurous person that loves the sea. This village is home to a three-mile-long beachfront with nearby.

4 Top Towns to vacation at in Maine

The State of Maine is large. There are many places to visit, but some are better than others for vacationers. Here are the top ten vacations towns in Maine recommend by our NH Travel Agent.

  1. Portland, Maine
  2. Bar Harbor, Maine
  3. Kennebunkport, Maine
  4. Ogunquit, Maine
  5. Camden, Maine
  6. York, Maine
  7. Old Orchard Beach, Maine
  8. Boothbay Harbor, Maine
  9. Rockport, Maine
  10. Castine, Maine

5 Acadia National Park: Top things to do

Acadia is the premier destination to visit in Maine. Thousands of people flock to the National Park each year during the summer and fall months. There are over 125 miles of trails to explore in the park and here are some of the top things to do at the park.

  1. Go hiking on the 125 miles of trails
  2. Drive up Cadillac Mountain
  3. Swim at Sand Beach
  4. Explore Bar Harbor
  5. Bike on Carriage Road (as mentioned earlier)
  6. Visit the Jordan Pond House
  7. Drive the 20-mile park loop
  8. Visit Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse
  9. Take a guided ranger tour through the park