5 Best Summer Destinations To Travel This Year

Exciting hotels, stunning cruise ships, non stop flights have helped many destinations on our list this year. Here are five of the best summer destinations this year.

1 Antigua & Barbuda

Delta now has a non-stop flight from New York to V.C. Bird International Airport, the 108 square mile island of Antigua are primed for weekend getaways. This is a great place to go kiteboarding. While you are there visit the Wild Lotus Camp where you can get a taste of glamping. It has the Caribbean’s first beachfront glamping sites.

2 Hawaii

When the Kilauea volcano erupted in 2018, it shut down many of the National Parks for more than four months. It is all back to normal this year with a 4,000 foot peak. Here you can resume your plans to hike, bike, drive or just hit the beach and grab some monster waves in the blue waters.

3 Cancun, Mexico

The beauty of Cancun is known throughout the world. Dreamy beach goers look forward to the laze-a-day crowd the many stunning beaches. Nearby you can explore the Mayan ruins and celebrate a variety of events on the Riviera Maya and much more in the area. This is a favorite for many adventure goers.

4 Canouan Island

While it may not be easy to get to this spot as it is part of the St. Vincent & Grenadines Island chain. But those who embark on the trip say that it is worth it. You can get here from St. Lucia, Grenada or Barbados. The former pink sands club property is the first Mandarin Oriental resort in the Caribbean. It sits on a 1,200 acre compound that’ll wow you with personal butler services and a jaw dropping infinity pool.

5 Crete, Greece

Head south while in Greece to the largest of the Greek Islands. Crete offers a quiet countryside, charming fishing villages and medieval ruins. This is the birthplace of Zues, legend states. Plus there are plenty of affordable hotels on this 3,200 square mile island. The island is strong in farming and fishing communities, so locally sources food dishes are abundant. While you are there you’ll taste some astounding food and culture.