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norwiegan cruise line escape

Norwegian cruise lines newest and largest ship yet, the Escape has set sail and it is an amazing feat of engineering and luxury cruising on the sea. This monster of a cruise ship weighs in at an impressive 164,600 tons and Vanesa Lane Picariello, NCL’s director of public relations says this ship will accommodate more than 100 more guests than it second largest ship The Epic. 

The Norwegian Escape indulges every whim of what you would want in an unforgettable vacation. From the beautiful sunsets on the waterfront, to singing to the 80’s, visiting exotic ports, dining in The Supper Club and getting some thrills on the Ropes Course on the ship. 

Here are some of the exclusives that are on the Escape. 

  1. Baymo by Jose Garces
    This dining experience is seafood inspired dishes with a Latin twist. The dining area is set in an elegant wood with metal art decor overlooking the ocean. 
  2. Pincho Tapa Bar by Jose Garces
    This dining area has a more modern feel with an open bar. If you love the Spanish culture and cuisine, then this is one of the dining spots to visit when on board. 
  3. Food Republic
    A very retro with a modern twist dining area that delivers up delicious bites of food fusions from cultures around the world. This simply is South Beach Dining on the ocean. 
  4. Five O’Clock Somewhere Bar
    The life of the party is here, where it is always five o’clock. Jimmy Buffett’s five o’clock is full of margaritas on the waterfront and musical performances that get you moving. 
  5. The Cellars
    This elegant wine bar is the place to go to experience the fine wines of Michael Mondavi Family wines from Napa Valley. For the wine connoisseur, this is a treat that you won’t want to miss. 
  6. After Midnight
    If you love to stay up late then this is the place to go. It is an electrifying time at the Harlem’s Cotton Club in After Midnight. 



There is something every night on the Escape that will be music to your ears with the entertainment. From wine tastings, to 80’s are back live performances, cool comedy club and smash hit musicals at sea and don’t forget some good old rock and roll dueling pianos. The Escape is guaranteed to give you a great time filled with tons of memories that will last a lifetime. 


Some of the specs of the ship

  • The escape is 172ft height of plank to the sea level
  • There are 12 pools & hot tubs
  • The hull art features 12 marine species native to the Caribbean
  • When building the ship there were 31,700 gallons of paint applied to the ship. 
  • The ship is 1065 feet long. 
  • The length of the ropes course onboard is 2,356 feet long. 


The Escape is ideal for people that want a vacation that has stellar entertainment and a large amount of variety. It doesn’t end there, though, the Escape has 28 bars and restaurants onboard that will keep you very pleased with the food choices. If you are looking for a great cruise to the Caribbean area and want a world-class experience, look no further.