10 of The Best Beaches For a New England Vacation or Day Trip

Living in a region that is blessed to have so many beach towns is great. There are hundreds of miles of coastline or lake beach fronts throughout New England. Whether you are looking to ride the waves in the cool waters of Maine or relaxing on a remote lakefront beach. Here are 10 0f the best beaches in New England filled with local activities to enjoy this summer

New England Vacation

1 Ogunquit Beach, Maine

This beach is a popular tourist area during the summer months for vacationers and local residents. One of the unique things about his beach is the Ogunquit River flows swiftly into the ocean here. Vacationers like to grab their flotation devices half way during high tide and ride the river current out to sea. 

This for local residents and vacationers has become a favorite pastime. The river is a little less chilly than the ocean, but still great fun riding the current out into shallow waters of the ocean

There are many spots up and down the Route 1 coast to stay at and walk to the beach. Many of them are filled with tourist shops, local eateries, and activities to take advantage of. 


2 Kennebunk Beaches, Maine

Most vacationers that have spent time up and down the coast of Maine associate Kennebunkport with the Dock Square. One of the most popular beaches is Goose Rocks Beach located near Nunan’s Lobster Hut and The Ramp. Just across the river is The White Barn Inn near the Kennebunk Beach which is another great place to enjoy the cold waters and clean sands. 


3 Rockport Beach, Massachusetts

This tourist town sits right next to one of the most traditional fishing communities in the New England region.  Gloucester, Ma.  claims the title of two of the finest beaches on Cape Ann. They are ideal for soaking up the rays and riding the waves. You will want to spend most of your time when out of the water in Rockport though. There is an extensive collection of shops, restaurants, ice-cream shops that you visit when vacationing. 


4 York Beach, Maine

Just south of Ogunquit is one of the most visited and iconic beaches in Maine. York has two lovely beaches located in the heart of the small village. By far my favorite beach is Short Sands. There is an excellent beach houses with modern bathrooms, an outdoor shower, plenty of parking and hundreds of homes in the area to rent. If you don’t like crowds,  head over to Long Sands which is great to soak in the sun and play in the waves too. 

The only disadvantage of Long Sands is the beach house is lacking compared to Short Sands. Located nearby to both beaches is the York Animal Kingdom and Amusement Park and dozens of shops to browse through. 


5 Hampton Beach, New Hampshire

A few towns down the ocean front is Hampton, NH. Hampton Beach is a very busy tourist area during the summer months. They recently were labeled one of the best beaches in the country. There have fireworks every Wednesday night, restaurants, accommodations and many attractions near the boardwalk. 


If you find a great beach that we have not mentioned, drop us an email. We would love to hear about your favorite beach